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I enjoy working on backend software, from solving system arhitecture problems to diving deep into smallest details in application.

My goal is to build a scalable product that works seamlessly and meet market need.

PHP Laravel Node.js MySql Elasticsearch .git Symfony Docker C#


It's been a great pleasure building a beautifull user experiences that earn clients loyalty. I enjoy every step of my jurney, learning all kind of crazy things...

Using cut edge technologies let's build life changing application and change a world for the better.

JavaScript Vue.js TypeScript Angular Jquery ES6 HTML5 CSS3

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Did you know how to?

1 year ago

composer-lock-diff package allows you to see what packages have changed after you run composer update by comparing composer.lock to the the git HEAD.

2 years ago

Draw horizontal line at TradingView chart: - 1% increase of current price - 1% decrese of current price

3 years ago

Do you need more than 500 image compressions per month with TinyPNG API?

3 years ago

Learn how to Build signed APK file with Android Studio

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